Your website works for you 24 hours a day

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All over the world, more and more companies are popping up, offering various services and or products, and as we all know, these companies are in constant competition with each other to gain more clients, and business, since after all, that is why these companies are there, to make money.

Most, if not all of these companies will have sales people, or reps, that will deal with the public or a client base, often to try and convince those potential clients to use their services, or buy their products.

If your company did not have a website, relied purely on sales people to sell your product or service, what kind of reach do you think you have. Your reach or coverage would be quite limited, and quite localised if you had a small sales force. Your sales or representation would also be limited by your operating hours, so as soon as it is knock off time, you are no longer reaching out to prospective clients, until you open your doors the next day. Sure, there is word of mouth that works even after your company has closed for the night, but that is slow.

Now imagine if you had a website, offering all the important facts about your company, what it offers, how to get in touch with people within your company etc. A company website, is your 24 hour representative, answering almost every question your potential client could be asking, at any time of day, to anyone in the world.

The advantages of having a company website are endless. You need to be seen online to compete, to have an impact, to help your company grow.

Think about it, a website is a staff member that works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, does not require a salary, does not take leave, and will say anything you want it to…

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